Building our community through hands-on learning

George W. Norton left a legacy of philanthropic giving through The Norton Foundation. His compassion, belief in our community and love of Louisville, embraced by his wife Jane and their descendants, continue to guide the family in their charitable endeavors.

The Norton Foundation is a family foundation that improves the lives of children in the Greater Louisville area by supporting organizations that foster education, promoting hands-on, active learning.


Louisville, Kentucky is a place of innovation, economic vitality, and cultural diversity that supports creative education for its children and their families.


The Norton Foundation promotes the advancement of Waldorf education, and fosters hands-on learning experiences and creative community in Louisville, Kentucky.

Value Statements

  1. We support education that affects the whole child.
  2. We believe that children learn most effectively through activity.
  3. Shared cultural experiences build community and enhance lives.
  4. The arts are a vital part of our local economy.
  5. Regular engagement with nature nourishes healthy lifestyles.
  6. A supportive family structure is crucial to a child’s healthy development.

Through grants, we support organizations that are engaged in sound administrative practices; have passionate leaders; track the results of the programs they manage; and encourage staff entrepreneurship and innovation.

Executive Director

Executive Director Meredith Erickson

Meredith Erickson joined The Norton Foundation as Executive Director in March 2014. Prior to joining the Norton Foundation, Meredith served as Director of Development for Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy. She also served as Vice President of Development at The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.

Previously, Meredith spent ten years in Washington, DC, conducting regulatory and legislative advocacy for the American Chemistry Council. She has a Master in Public Administration from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University.